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Vault Surfski

Inspired by the need for a fast, yet stable ski, the Vault allows non-elite racers the opportunity to achieve their best results. Boasting all the features of a top end racer, this ski also has great manoeuvrability, comfort and stability to take paddlers to the next level of their paddling. The Vault breeds confidence in all conditions and with confidence comes better results. This ski has already proved itself with rave reviews wherever tested.

General Specifications
  • Length: 6.1m
  • Width: 0.46m
  • Height: 0.32m
  • Weight Class:

Build Types & Weight
  • Glass Vacuum
  • 14.5kg
  • Hybrid
  • 12.5kg
  • Carbon
  • 11.5kg
  • Carbon/Honeycomb
  • 10kg

Weights are approximate depending on model and may vary by ± 5%