Feather SOT K1

All Carbonology Sport skis are available in a downriver construction, however the Feather SOT conforms to CSA K1 regulations for river races.
This K1 Sit on Top is designed for downriver races. Water is dispersed by the splash-lip and drained by two flexible and independent venturies. The fact that you do not need a splash cover/spray deck speeds up your portages drastically and with the ability to just jump back in if you have an unfortunate swim as the boat cannot fill with water really makes this an exciting product. An empty boat is also a safer boat with very little risk of it getting wrapped around river obstacles.

Pulse Surfski

The Pulse surfski is an advanced racing ski designed for smaller, lighter paddlers. Its design has been optimized to reduce the wetted surface area and waterline drag. The hump has been lowered enabling an effective leg drive. Combine this with radical cutaways for one of the best catch entries and there is little wonder why this ski has already proved itself as a race winner. This Pulse surfski can accommodate paddlers up to 6 ft 4 in / 1.93 m.

Blast Double Surfski

For experienced paddlers only, the Blast is widely regarded as the fastest double ski in the world. This
Surfski is very fast with a comfortable aggressive seating position allowing maximum paddling power.