The Carbonology Sport specific Spec ski for surf racing includes single easy adjust footwell, multiple Neoprene handles and double bullet bailers. It punches through the surf and clears water well getting you through the surf line quickly. Links the runs and surfs well getting you through the break zone and across the finish line before your opposition. The Epoxy vacuum process gives you a higher glass to resin ratio giving you the strongest and toughest ski on the market.

These skis are Spec weight at 18kg and Lifesaving South Africa approved.

Boost Double Surfski

The Boost is aimed at entry to intermediate paddlers who are looking for a ski that offers great run-riding capability, speed and handling without compromising its stability.

Zest Double Surfski

The Zest Double is an intermediate surf ski offering fantastic performance in all conditions with added stability in comparison to racing or advanced surf skis. With added stability, paddlers can experience increased confidence in their ocean paddling without sacrificing performance.

Blast Double Surfski

For experienced paddlers only, the Blast is widely regarded as the fastest double ski in the world. This
Surfski is very fast with a comfortable aggressive seating position allowing maximum paddling power.