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Boost Surfski Range

These designs have unmatched performance versus stability features that allows you to maximise your paddling performance without compromising the stability of the craft

Boost LV ​

The BOOST X LV, “LV-” low volume, is the sister surf ski to the BOOST X. Having
lower volume, the BOOST X LV caters for the smaller paddler who finds it
challenging handling high volumed surf skis. 

Boost X

Looking to progress forward and improve your paddling but don’t want to
compromise on stability; or wanting a solid all-rounded entry level surf ski?
Then the BOOST X is the surf ski for you. 

Boost X Double

The BOOST X double is undoubtly one of our finest creations. Dubbed by the
paddling community as the best “Family Friendly” double, it has quickly
become a best seller. Aimed at the entry level and intermediate paddlers, the
BOOST X double has a number of unique features that makes it stand out. 

Boost X Triple

What!! There is a triple seater surf ski??? Yes there sure is. The BOOST X Triple
is a stand alone, unique and ambitious success we took on to bring the funfilled
aspect of flatwater K3 paddling to the ocean. Based off the incredibly
popular BOOST X double, the triple has phenomenal stability and ergonomic