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The SURF X is a surf ski specifically designed with guidance from Lifesaving South Africa’s stipulations for a surf racing ski. It punches through the surf and clears water well getting you through the surf line quickly. The SURF X links runs and surfs shore break with ease; helping you soar across the finish line before your opposition. 

Splash X

The SPLASH X is the ideal surf ski to introduce young children to the sport of
surfski paddling. It has also proven to be a hit with smaller intermediate women who find it challenging to control full sized surf skis.


The Pulse is an advanced racing ski designed for smaller, lighter paddlerS. Its design has been optimised to reduce the wetted surface area and waterline drag.

Swift X

The Swift OC1 is Carbonology’s take on a OC1 outrigger. This craft is suitable for paddlers of all weights, while not compromising performance in varying ocean conditions.