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Cruze Surfski Range

The Cruze is an entry level surf ski aimed at the beginner, recreational and fun segment of the paddling market. It features exceptional stability and comfort as well as some integrated features to reduce the barrier of entry into surf ski paddling. This is the most stable boat in the CS range. There is also a touring version available with watertight compartments.

Cruze X

The CRUZE X, a classic. This is the best go to surf ski, built with the aim to
aid beginner/newbies starting their paddling journey. 

Cruze X Double

Imagine the CRUZE X, now add an extra seat. When you do that you have the
CRUZE X Double. This stable and bulky craft is a first choice for anyone
wanting to enjoy a leisure paddle out on the water. 

Cruze X RT

The CRUZE X RT is an entry level roto-moulded surfski aimed at the
beginner and recreational/touring paddling segment.