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Zest Surfski Range

This intermediate range of skis caters for the competitive paddler looking for great performance and speed, but with a bit more stability.

Zest LV

Inspired by the need for a fast, yet stable surfski, this surf ski allows non-elite
racers the opportunity to achieve their best results. The ZEST X LV boasts all
the features of a top end racer, great manoeuvrability, comfort and stability

Zest X

The ZEST X is our intermediate surf ski offering a fine balance of
manoeuvrablity, stability and speed. Paddlers can experience an increase in
confidence in his/her ocean paddling capabilities without sacrificing

Zest X Double

The all new ZEST X double is here! An intermediate double surf ski on with a
purpose to give paddlers the best paddling experience possible. Significant
ergonomic changes ensure paddlers are able to exercise great technique and